Stridely Solutions Joins Oracle PartnerNetwork for Cloud Services

Stridely Solutions Joins Oracle PartnerNetwork for Cloud Services

Taking cloud solutions to a whole new level and continuing its legacy of supporting organizations move their enterprise to the cloud, Stridely Solutions has partnered with Oracle. This adds Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform services to the list of cloud solutions rendered by the organization.

The next-gen Oracle PartnerNetwork is a primarily a user-friendly, cloud-first partner program which enhances and further accelerates the pace at which organizations migrate their enterprise network to the cloud. This in a way boosts the overall process allowing organizations to harness the power of cloud solutions. Partnering with Oracle for the Partner Network program comes as good news for the organization as organizations today are more likely to shift to the cloud network than they were before.

Probably because transitioning to the cloud not just facilitates a better work environment but delivers better user experience and superior business outcomes. Stridely Solutions being one of the change-makers consider this partnership to revolutionize the work culture.

We are passionate about helping enterprises choose the right tool for their business. We now officially extend our support towards the integration and deployment of Oracle cloud solutions. With the partnership program, we aid to both an on-premises cloud network license plus the hardware space, and also the hybrid model.

The Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform services by Oracle Cloud comprise of an extensive suite of SaaS solutions for HCM, ERP, and CX. The solution set also comprises of the best-in-industry database. It includes Platform as a Service (PaaS) as well as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) originating from the data centres spread across countries as Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

Oracle today stands as one of the strongest cloud solution service providers today. Stridely Solutions sought to improve its approach towards the adoption of the technology and hence opted for this partnership. We now provide all-round support and assistance for consultation, financing, managed cloud services, and premier support of all Oracle solutions.

Stridely Solutions today hails among the top Oracle partners. We aim at providing our clients with the best services and in a way that leads to success and growth. Stronger than ever, we feel elated after this partnership and collaboration. With an in-house team of experts and professionals, we strive to make the best out of this program, etching more victories and being part of the evolving face of the digital world.

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