Pioneering the Digital Revolution in Manufacturing Excellence

Step into the forefront of the manufacturing world’s digital evolution. In an era of groundbreaking advancements, digital manufacturing is reshaping industry standards. From smart factories to intelligent supply chains, the digital thread is weaving its way through every aspect of operations, promising enhanced efficiency, real-time insights, and a competitive edge.

At Stridely, we empower organizations to seamlessly transition to Digital Manufacturing, ensuring a future-ready approach that optimizes processes, enhances efficiency, and unlocks new potential. Our solutions ensure a future-ready approach that optimizes processes, enhances efficiency, and unlocks unprecedented potential, setting the stage for your unparalleled success

Digital transformation with SAP

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SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud Logo

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (SAP DMC)

Embrace the power of Industry 4.0 with SAP DMC. Revolutionize your manufacturing processes through advanced technologies like IoT, AI, and machine learning for unparalleled operational insights and agility.

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Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (SAP MII)

Bridge the gap between manufacturing processes and enterprise systems. SAP MII facilitates data integration, analytics, and communication, fostering a cohesive digital ecosystem for your manufacturing operations.

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SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP MES)

Unlock real-time visibility and control across your manufacturing operations. SAP MES ensures seamless collaboration, improved production efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.

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Features of SAP for a Manufacturing Industry

Better Planning

Empower your team with comprehensive planning tools, ensuring a proactive and adaptive approach to production cycles.

Complete Automation

Drive efficiency and accuracy through end-to-end automation, reducing manual interventions and enhancing overall productivity.

Effective Quality Check

Ensure the highest product standards with integrated quality control measures, fostering customer trust and satisfaction.

Stock Monitoring

Optimize inventory management through real-time monitoring, minimizing stock outs and excesses for improved supply chain performance

Resource Utilization

Maximize the potential of your resources with intelligent allocation, tracking, and optimization for enhanced operational efficiency.

Supply Chain Processing

Seamlessly integrate your supply chain processes, from procurement to delivery, ensuring a smooth and responsive manufacturing ecosystem.


SAP & Industry Experts

Benefit from our team of seasoned SAP and industry experts dedicated to understanding your unique challenges and delivering tailored solutions.

Trusted Advisor to Customers

Rely on us as your trusted advisor, guiding you through the complexities of SAP implementations and ensuring maximum ROI.

Industry Recognition

Stridely is synonymous with excellence, recognized in the industry for consistently delivering innovative and effective SAP solutions.

SLA-based Ticketing System

Experience seamless support through our Service Level Agreement (SLA)-based ticketing system, ensuring timely issue resolution and system optimization.

Cost Optimized

Unlock cost efficiencies with our strategic approach to SAP services, ensuring maximum value without compromising quality.

Complete Managed Services

From implementation to ongoing support, Stridely provides end-to-end managed services, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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