Robotic Process Automation

Embed Robots to Drive Business Value

Automating the day-to-day, mundane and repetitive tasks with Stridely Solutions RPA Solutions. We employ cutting-edge tools and technologies to foster the inception of process automation in our everyday business processes.

Amplify The Power Of Workforce With Our Range Of RPA Solutions And Services

01. Easy To Use Solutions

With Stridely Solutions, you get intuitive and user-friendly RPA services, one that everyone can use and embed within their workforce. We integrate technologies that help boost the power of RPA and add value to your business.

02. Safeguarding Privacy

RPA infrastructure built by our experts is secured and encompasses high-grade safety with centralized access circumventing the security standards. All our solutions remain compliant with governance needs and safety protocols.

03. On-Demand Solutions

With Stridely Solutions, you never have to waste a minute with your business undertakings. Our easy to deploy, on-demand bots speed up the process of adoption and integration for businesses. Thousands of bots; all set to get into action and accelerate your business growth.

04. Smarter Solutions

We offer smarter & intelligent analytics solutions driven by AI & RPA on a single platform. Trigger your sales with our range of AI-augmented RPA solutions. Extend the spectrum of automation with intelligent RPA solutions.

03. Relentless Support

Why walk the journey alone? We are at your assistance round the clock. Engaging with Stridely Solutions, you will never have to run down the journey alone. Extensive customer support platforms to help you and guide you in all steps of automation.

04. Exploring Automation

Stridely Solutions fosters canvassing an infrastructure where robots manage robots. To monitor and handle unstructured data, collaborate and seamlessly engage with the workforce, deploy our robotic solutions and synchronize end-to-end business processes.

Industries That We Cover


Machinery and Industrial Manufacturing

Combine the varied range of RPA solutions in the manufacturing sector to automate their end-to-end data collection, monitoring, and analytics process. Streamline business opera while automating the back-end services. Eliminate the unending paper trail and lower the possibility of errors. We help industries embed efficient RPA solutions to optimize processes.


Electrical And Electronic Equipment Manufacturing

Smarter bots to automate the back office work, make smarter decisions and efficiently work under a risky environment. Our RPA solutions are tailored to map the diversified needs of the Electrical And Electronic Equipment Manufacturing industry. High speed, extreme precision in assembling miniatured components, uniqueness in testing, Stridely’s RPA solutions maximize organizational output.



Digitize all-round accounting and financial operations with smarter bots. Stridely Solutions offers AI-driven robots that take over the daily mundane task of accountants, relieving them from the stressful task of doing repetitive tasks. Never miss a deadline with your accounting partner, RPA for you. From invoice generation to billing and drafting the P&L statement, the bot would help you. Focus on important things while digitizing the basic task with Stridely Solutions RPA solutions.


Sensor Data Integration And Analytics

Industries that make use of sensors to gather data and use it to plan and analyze future undertakings are heavily dependent on their employees to keep track of the information, draft them in a structured format and use it to analyze behavior. With Stridely Solutions’ exciting RPA solutions, leaders of such industries can remove their dependency on manual workforce and employ robots that would do the task of gathering and managing information as fed by the sensors. With RPA, the company can automate the next step, in case the sensors detect a mishap and send alerts. This helps speed up the process and prevent accidents


Financial Data Processing

Faster and accurate data entry with Stridely Solutions RPA bots. We help the industry integrate smarter bots within their financial data processing needs and quicken the process of with greater precision. One-click reports and monthly accounts generated with our comprehensively designed robots.

Intelligent Process Automation

IPA is the penetration of intelligence in robots for automating business processes in a smarter way. Along with the basic RPA tools, IPA encompasses cognitive automation, computer vision, and machine learning to deploy intelligent robots. Ostensibly, the fusion of RPA and IPA is proven to improve business value and scale operations, on the go.

Pillars Of Immersive IPA Solutions

IPA Consultation

IPA Implementation

IPA Transformation


Business Cases Facilitating IPA-Integration

Improved Efficiency And Reduced Errors With IPA in the Finance Sector

With more than 32 branches across the world, monitoring and managing data seemed a bit tedious and inefficient, given the limitations posed by the manual work. The client was determined to get their workforce automated to improve productivity. They knew what had to be done but how remained a big question. Upon meeting them, we were pretty clear that it was time to integrate their accounting and financial operations with an intelligent bot.

After canvassing their entire infrastructure, we proposed IPA solutions. It took weeks to collaborate on their existing infrastructure with automation. Today, the efficiency of the organization has leveraged by 30 %, reducing errors by 89%. Finally, the integration paid off.

Adhering to the needs of automation and to remain at par with the industrial norms, we at, Stridely Solutions are determined to help you magnify your business, embedding powerful RPA & IPA solutions. Integrating artificial intelligence in the spectrum of robotic process automation, we help business organizations elevate their standards and gain a cutting edge in the competitive industry.


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