Ensure flawless end-to-end software development and delivery

Software development has changed immensely in the past decade with the rapid rise in user demands. Scattered development teams spanning multiple locations with varying expertise and job roles, often, find it extremely difficult to maintain the quality and consistency of the project.

The siloed nature of software development unearths problems at a later stage when operations come into the picture. This results in delayed release cycles and affects the end-goal.

DevOps cloud services from Stridely Solutions ensures that development and operations teams are on the same page. This helps with faster release cycles, time to market and provides stable operating environments for seamless experiences.

  • Complete visibility into development and operations improves transparency and agility
  • Collaboration of cross-functional teams which include solution architect, developers, testers, designers and others
  • Gain aligned workflows, quicker adaptation to change and stability with continuous monitoring and continuous integration

Our DevOps Approach


DevOps is ideal for standardizing and automating production and monitoring environments, which make it easy to deploy software and applications with an effective placement of resources.


Release cycles do not get affected as changes in code are deployed in a test or production phase, which helps in running software maintenance without any hitches.

Assessment and Lifecycle Process Management

Auditing the existing development pipeline and infrastructure is an arduous process which is circumvented with DevOps ensuring optimal performance throughout the application lifecycle.


DevOps bridges the technical and operational gaps among varying teams to boost communication, integration and collaboration which are imperative for software delivery.

DevOps by numbers

With the adoption of DevOps and the decision to migrate legacy systems to the cloud, while creating newer applications, continuous delivery, continuous monitoring as well as continuous testing, coupled with release management and feedback turn into managed cloud services of their own.

DevOps and Cloud by Numbers

The success of your product or service depends on the infrastructure and the technologies that help you today and keep you prepared for tomorrow. We take care of the infrastructural needs in the cloud by leveraging the best tools, technologies and cloud providers to ensure reliability and optimal performance of your deployment.

Continuous Delivery & MonitoringContinuous FeedbackContinuous PlanningContinuous Development
Continuous IntegrationContinuous DeploymentContinuous TestingRelease Management

Gain the ability to deploy applications at unprecedented pace.