Discovering the Significance of Microsoft Power Platform in Driving Business ROI

Discovering the Significance of Microsoft Power Platform in Driving Business ROI

There is hardly anyone that can turn down the efficacy of Microsoft Power Platform in leveraging the business success and transforming the ROI. With the help of three highly notable solutions, Power App, Power BI, and Power Automate, Microsoft Power Platform and enabled businesses of the sort to attain real value and reap multiple benefits.

This post is an attempt to provide you the deeper insights on the usefulness of the Microsoft Power Platform and how it let businesses churn maximum return on done investments.

Success Case: Power Platform Utilization for Business Process

Role That Power Platform Plays In Bringing Upright Business Value by Using Data and Insights

In a data-driven world, it’s hard to sustain and grow when the art and science of leveraging data for various purposes like driving more ROI, making most of the available data, and easy accessibly is not known.

Actions like using cloud storage and having customized apps have allowed businesses to make most of the offered data.

Microsoft Power platform is one of the most notable ways to come up with flying colors at each front, where data processing is involved.

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By offering low-cost, easy-to-implement, and automated solutions, the Power platform has managed to offer an opportunity to increase the ROI.

Offerings of Microsoft Power Platform 

Microsoft understands the data-related needs can be varied to a large extent in a different kind of businesses ecosystem. Thus, it offers three assorted cloud-based services to cater to every kind of need. Here is a close overview of those three offerings.

1. Power Apps

Bliss for all those who want to create custom business apps without getting indulged in tedious coding, Power App is a great tool to have. Using it, one can build web and mobile apps with the least possible expertise.

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2. Power BI

This is one of the most-loved and applauded business intelligence platforms present in the market. It is used majorly to unify the data gathering process, regardless of the number of platforms. It provides a centralized data dashboard wherein one can gain deeper insights into interactive data. For all the data, businesses can have a single dashboard, which is a great way to keep tons of data processing hassles at bay.

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3. Power Automate

Want to set your team free from the redundancy of repetitive jobs? Try Power Automate. It brings the best-of-breed workflow automation and seamlessly integrates it to the existing business apps. Because of this, businesses are going to enjoy more productivity at fewer efforts.

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Key Business Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform 

Have a look at the advantages of using the Microsoft Power Platform:

  • It comes as a ready-to-use solution and doesn’t demand any installation and set-up costs. As the tools are cloud-deployed, no in-house infrastructure is needed. All these things lead to huge savings.
  • Data, from multiple resources, will be available in a centralized place. So, businesses don’t have to deal with inadequate data accessibility.
  • The automation of menial yet crucial tasks has allowed businesses to enjoy maximum productivity. Goal fulfillment becomes quick and easy.
  • MeetingGDPR compliance is no longer a tedious task as it’s fully automated in the Power platform. So, while you enjoy enhanced application development, better ROI, and more productivity, you adhere to all the compliances.

Real-time Example of Power Platform’s Excellence 

The above-mentioned perks are not stated without any factual backing. There are tons of businesses that have already experienced the operational superiority that Microsoft Power Platform can introduce to you.

RecentlyForrester Consulting made efforts to measure the impact of Microsoft Power Platform in increasing the company’s ROI. Some of the key inputs of the Total Economic Impact study (March 2020) and ROI analysis, done for the firm are here for your reference.

Total six organizations took part in the study and it was observed that the low application generation time and cost helped organizations to save a huge chunk of investment. They have not needed an expert for the job. The rookie developers were able to accomplish the task with full perfection.

Speaking of quality, the low code apps, built using Power Apps, were capable to generate expected results. In some cases, it was better than what was projected.

The less time to market enhances the customer experience and enabled businesses to have prompt service delivery. These two things made a positive impact on the revenue.

Are You Too Carried Away? 

Well, we won’t blame you if you’re excited to try the Microsoft Power platform, after reading all these perks. But, you need to hold on to your thoughts as there are certain things to check out before you make any further move.

It’s very vital to figure out your organization’s actual needs and move ahead accordingly. Try to get the answers to the below-mentioned questions before you’re all set to bring the Microsoft Power platform to your service.

  • Do you need anyindustry-specific solutions to cater to special needs?
  • Are you not able to synchronize various data sources and facing operational complexity?
  • Is your team is ready for an operational change?
  • Will the entire Power Platform suite is needed or do you need a specified tool?
  • How about the spending capacity?
  • Do you have a security strategy to help while you migrate to the Power platform?

We know this could be too overwhelming but sorting out the above-mentioned points is more than important. If you’re having a tough time making this happen then let Stridely Solutions help you out.

Being a certified Microsoft partner and a seasoned Microsoft Power platform consultant and deployment service provider, it’s going to trim down the hassles involved in bringing the Microsoft Power platform at your disposal. Its expert team will delve deep into the organizational needs and come up with an optimized solution. This time-bound and need-focused delivery of the Microsoft Power platform double-up the ROI and let businesses enjoy an added bout of benefits.

Summing up

In one shot, businesses can build customized apps, automate the menial data, and make most of the available data by using the Microsoft Power platform. The way it empowers an organization is commendable and deserves a huge round of applauds. However, there is one aspect that we all tend to ignore and it is the successful and need-based implementation of the Microsoft Power platform. Without ensuring this factor, it’s hard to reap the expected perks.

Taking the help of an expert is what veterans suggest. Stridely is a trusted name to bank upon when one needs to make Microsoft Power Platform dance on their tunes.



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