A Detailed Overview of How SAP Conversational AI Chatbot (SAP CAI) Works for Your Business

A Detailed Overview of How SAP Conversational AI Chatbot (SAP CAI) Works for Your Business

For beginners, SAP Conversational AI is a high-end chatbot building tool using which end-users can develop high-end conversational agents in the business application and provide timely assistance. A highly tech-infused web-based interface is offered for this task.

SAP CAI is offered with SAP’s PaaS subscription and remains isolated in a dedicated cloud ecosystem so that it hinders the ongoing work process as little as possible. SAP CAI develops bots that get along well with assorted SAP Cloud platforms such as data management, analytics, and document management.

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The blog converses its focus on educating aspiring SAP CAI users on its deployment procedures and key functions involved in the job.

Which key concepts are used for SAP CAI deployment?

SAP CAI deployment is guided based upon the expressions, entities, and intents explained.  By expression, we mean the sentence that the user enters while entity refers to a keyword extracted from expression.

Intent means expression box featuring same expressions constructed differently.  From a functional point of view, the intent is the spine of the chatbot’s understanding as it represents the idea that a bot can easily understand.

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The Detailed Overview of Integrating SAP CAI with Targeted System

SAP CAI integration into the existing IT ecosystem is based on the usage of four segments: Bot builder, bot logic, NLP, and Bot connector.  These all four segments blend to make SAP CAI work for an organization.

Here is a detailed overview of the roles played by these four segments in SAP CAI introduction in a given IT landscape:

1.  NLP Engine

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and is used widely to assist AI in understanding the thoughts and ideas of the user despite the wrong sentence phrasing.

Before NLP came into being, Chatbots used to follow a rule-based framework wherein accurate input was needed.

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Any inaccuracies are used to make the process cumbersome and tedious. SAP CAI uses an NLP engine that captures actionable data related to entities, user sentiments, and specific intents. It makes SAP CAI more customer-oriented.

2.  Bot Builder

Often referred to as a dialogue runtime, bot builder is a graphical user interface offering end-users a platform to generate effective and continual conversation flow. This is the place where businesses guide the chatbot upon a certain user request. It features a zero-code   UI that speed-up the bot development process.

Download Guide: BOT Framework

3.  Bot Logic

Hosted on SAP cloud, bot logic is a highly modernized middleware application handling jobs like calling out the OData service and providing information to SAP CAI.  It fetches data from the back-end data warehouse or system.

While one is planning to integrate SAP CAI in the IT infrastructure, the use of bot logic allows developers to introduce extra-customized logic to the pre-defined bot builder logic.  The best thing about bot logic is that it can be written in any language and can be used as a Web API.

4.  Bot Connector

Lastly, we have a bot connector that is crucial for connecting SAP CAI with various other communication platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, and many more.

Businesses having specific requirements can build bot connectors from scratch on the premise.  Because of this, 100% customization in SAP CAI implementation can be achieved.

The below mentioned image shows the interconnectivity of all these elements:

(Source: SAP)

Once you have gathered all these resources, follow the below-mentioned steps to develop an SAP CAI solution:

  • Recognize the implementation scenario
  • Develop an FAQ bot and upload the key FAQ document
  • Optimize the uploaded documents as per the bot’s requirements
  • Make changes to the bot skills
  • Test the bot extensively
  • Connect the application with multiple channels
  • Deploy, monitor, and improve chatbot with changing needs

Here is a crisp image to explain the entire process:

 (Source: SAP)

The Final Word

SAP CAI is a nice solution to improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction rate for any business. This chatbot system can reduce the burden of your customer support team and increase the turnaround time, while reducing the customer assistance operation cost at the same time.

If you want Stridely Solutions to deploy SAP conversational AI chatbot for your enterprise, contact our experts and let us know. Our skipped team is always ready to boost your business’s capabilities and ROI.


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