Xamarin vs Ionic: Cross-platform Mobile Frameworks Comparison

When it comes to Mobile Application Development we are always confused, especially choosing the best Mobile App development framework among the competing ones. There are many development frameworks available in the market of which Xamarin and Ionic are the best. Both are powerful & effective frameworks to develop interactive & intuitive mobile applications.

Let’s discuss a quick evaluation of these frameworks in terms of User experience, development speed, architectural pattern, etc., so you can choose the best as per your requirement.

User Experience

If we are talking about Xamarin, it gives the best, fastest and most authentic experience for its users. Xamarin takes a user to next level in terms of user experience among its competitors. Whereas Ionic gives an average user experience. And to sustain in competition, one needs to upgrade Ionic to continue using and be the part of the competition.

Sustains best in Complex Projects

Xamarin is the best framework for long-term projects. If there are many features in an app, Xamarin is the one which can easily maintain it. Whereas, for Ionic, it will be difficult to maintain the complex app as with the number of lines of code.

Major Advantage

Xamarin is C# based which is best suited for .Net developers. The Microsoft advantage is the hit for Xamarin. Ionic is ideally based on JavaScript that is not compiled on code C# or .Net.

64-bit Support

Xamarin supports 64-bit application mode, which can also be compiled to a 32-bit target if required. While in Ionic, it supports 64-bit mode only that too on iOS itself as per the latest update it doesn’t support 64-Bit on Android.

Development Cost

For Xamarin, one needs to pay $1000 per dev(as per requirement) but there is no cost for using Ionic as such. Developers’ flexibility with programming languages is the only need in case of Ionic.

Fast Development

We can say for Xamarin it is a time taking process, where patience is must to debug or test codes. Whereas, Ionic is fast because of ripple emulator. Ionic helps in making your app ready within quick time-period.

Architectural Pattern

Xamarin supports only MVVM pattern as it is Microsoft prejudiced. Ionic on the other hand offers flexibility by supporting MV pattern (MVC+MVP+MVVM) that can be considered as good.

So now deciding on the best framework ultimately depends on an organization. All the frameworks have their own pros and cons. But if you are looking for an app with greater user experience and high quality, then the Xamarin development framework is undoubtedly the best. On the other hand, if you want an app with fewer development costs and time involved, then you can go for the Ionic framework. Now the decision is up to you whether to choose a high-quality framework or a cost-effective platform. Which one would you prefer?

Do you have an idea for your industry then you should directly hit Stridely Solutions and we will help you implement the best.

Internet of Things in Manufacturing Industries

We have always wondered how fast technology is growing and so are the industries. What if we can use advanced analytics to evaluate or estimate events before they happened. And what if we can use real-time impactful insights to increase production and help the industries know the right decision to take at any given time?

We just came across these questions and led my curiosity to look for this “what if”. I mean yes we can, Industrial IoT is driving such capabilities enabling unparalleled operational efficiency, productivity, and performance like never seen before. This can actually result in huge impacts in modern manufacturing including increasing efficiency, fostering streamlined maintenance, asset monitoring and more to create a new age of industrial growth and competitiveness.

According to a survey, industries investing in IoT are reporting benefits, including efficient and increased productivity. When exploring more about how industries can be beneficial through IoT, We at Stridely Solutions came across three impactful points that how we can really serve manufacturing industries well.

Real-time Asset Monitoring

Manufacturing companies can use IoT assets to connect machines and systems together – a paradigm shift that enables real-time asset monitoring. Coupled assets can provide the opportunity to monitor equipment in real-time for reliability, compliance, and safety. Asset monitoring is used in remote manufacturing where sensors can help to track the production processes and send status to the right area. It also offers a platform to manage and control assets for enhanced operation and production; enabling proactive and timely manufacturing decisions.

Stridely solution’s IoT consultants architected IoT solution using Azure IoT platform, which connects devices, monitors and handles billions of data.

Operational Intelligence Connection

Connecting machines or equipment, manufacturers can generate intelligent networks that communicate and coordinate with each other automatically with little involvement of operators. With this, organizations can evaluate and contextualize data from remote manufacturing assets and systems into actionable applications. Thus, providing proactive views into key performance indicators thereby enabling quicker problem identification to improve operational performance. Additionally, through this, companies can now connect to disparate operational data centers and unify them to enable real-time data visibility across assorted manufacturing systems. IoT enabled machinery thus enables connected operational intelligence, which results in real-time insights to manufacturing stakeholders enabling them to remotely manage their factory units.

Prediction of Maintenance Assets

Industries had been spending millions of cost on operational and maintenance. However, if equipment maintenance is done on time to time, it would prevent the break on production processes. And if downtime could be detected before it hits, Manufacturing companies can have a substantial decrease in operational costs. The use of sensors, data analytics, and cameras in IoT allow machines to predict failure before it occurs. Such detection helps create strategic maintenance timelines that can be performed only when needed. Thereby, doing better-planned maintenance processes which helps into huge cost savings, in turn, reducing equipment failure and increasing machine lifetime.

Industrial IoT has the ability to transform manufacturing. We at Stridely Solutions provide intelligent solutions that can take quick & intelligent actions to derive critical-business insights and impactful intelligence for the industries to improve operational efficiency, monitoring and smart solutions to minimize asset failures and prevent operational errors.

Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

Business intelligence (BI) leverages software and services to transform data into actionable intelligence that informs an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. Business is growing rapidly and so is their data. As businesses grow, it becomes very difficult to manage data being generated regularly. This results in creating a barrier for data-driven organizations who wish to harness their data for driving business.

This is why business intelligence systems are being appreciated to a great extent. An analytical system in place to effectively analyze data helps organizations discover useful information, suggests a beneficial conclusion and support enhanced decision making.

Microsoft as always in the field of technology has come to the forefront with the introduction of its compelling analytics tool, Power BI. This reporting tool allows organizations to easily visualize and analyze their organization data to transform their operations.

Power BI is a cloud-based tool that doesn’t require any extra expenditure or infrastructure support rather than the size of a business. The modern iteration of the tool is free from legacy software constraints and its users do not require any specialized training to generate business intelligence insights. As of all Microsoft cloud services, implementation of Power BI embedded is rapid, easy and trouble-free.

Here are few valued competences of Microsoft Power BI tool

Integrates smoothly with existing applications

Power BI integrates easily with your existing business environment allowing you to perform analytics and reporting capabilities. Microsoft Azure consultants can also help you in managing this intuitive tool to interactive visuals in your applications easily.

Personalized dashboards

The most fascinating feature of Power BI is the information dashboards, which can be customized to meet the exact need of any organization. You can easily fix the dashboards and BI reports in the applications to provide the best user experience.

No memory and speed constraints

Shifting an existing BI system to a powerful cloud environment with Power BI embedded eliminates memory and speed constraints ensuring that data can be retrieved and analyzed quickly.

Secure Reports

The tool helps you to set up an automatic data refresh and publish reports that allow all the users to get the latest information.

Simple and performance oriented

The in-memory analysis technology and DAX scripting language are both exquisite examples of a perfectly balanced which is simple and performance oriented.

No specialized or external technical support required

Power BI provides agile inquiry and analysis without the need for specialized or any external technical support. It supports a powerful natural language interface and the use of intuitive graphical designer tools.

Why Digital Marketing should be Embraced

Is your company fully embracing the digital age? Is your team adapting the digital transformations rather than just updating the website from time to time? Many of our customers are doing lots of research and getting things online, so why aren’t you focusing on marketing your business via digital channels?

We would like to talk about one of the greatest brands like Kodak, and how did they struggle to look like. Kodak was a household brand and a former in the analog film business. Kodak not only missed the road of digital but perfectly misunderstood the way their consumers wanted to be engaged, and as result, they went off from the market.

We don’t remember just the one but some of the giant business which is still in the market struggling to get back on the track. We always found Blackberry to one of the best devices and somehow they are vanishing from the market in spite of having a great product. The question is where are they lacking. Not just Blackberry but more Mobile devices, the only I took your attention towards blackberry is that they have the potential devices likewise so why are they not in the showcase.

And once your business gets down in the market than its really difficult to get them back and more importantly for your consumers to accept it again. The fact of Marketing is you aren’t going to show up until you have something influential than others. After all, marketing has always been in charge of bringing the product to market.

It’s really important to know what’s working for your business. In order for marketing to be empowered as a function, we need to neglect the confusion that can make it difficult to focus on objectives that really matters. This is the world of the Internet, unlike traditional we have to approach our product stories through different Digital channels.

Someone We knew once told me that “Goals are useless until they are realistic”. This world is your platform and so you have to perform on this World Wide Web. Focus on what your product is about, try to broadcast it as many channels as you can. Articles, Blogging, Social Media, SEO, and many more everything is for you, just be specific with what you are, realistic with the things as you might don’t know what challenges might you come with and importantly always be with the trend or I should say time. You never lost your business you just lost the track you were running.