Future of Aviation Industry

The aviation industry had always a transformational history. The changes it has come along was always unexpected and brought a lot of things about it. Changes like competition, rising fuel costs, changing business models, escalating customer expectations, increasing regulatory oversight, catastrophic weather events, and rapid technological development. These changes are always been together with the aviation industry. Thus, you can say there was never a better time for aviation. According to a record, the industry gained a profit of $38 billion in 2017. The environment business is surviving and challenging as well. As there are many things to come in the future with the trend digitalization. Technology is going to be the ride and drive the aviation industry.

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These are few technology drivers that the aviation industry should consider for the near future.

Internet of Things (IoT): The aviation industry relies largely on connection with numbers of a part being connected and IoT is the best thing to hold them together. IoT provides an opportunity for aviation technology to connect the parts and make them work precisely with accurate results. For example, baggage tracking, motorized and un-motorized, enhanced operations and smart airports. The bill can be generated in real time as soon as an aircraft been fueled, this will eliminate the manual billing process that has always been delayed and with the chances of inaccuracies. Another example about airlines are using the sensors on aircraft than by applying AI and ML that determines whether there is something wrong, so it can be easily fixed and thus reducing downtime. This kind of accuracy with real-time data will provide airline administrators the ability to control workflows and get some potential performance which will improve the assets. Yet there are more considerations that would show IoT as a solution.

Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI): ML and AI are still yet to bring the diversifying effect to aviation as still the central focus is been missed. They can bring real interventions in operations automation, fuel consumption optimization, different insights based on destinations, flight loads, atmospheric forecasting, predictive insights, etc. Facial recognition technology that will be automated for check-ins and can match to their luggage. These capabilities will reduce congestion improve customer and airport experience by providing more value.

Data security and surveillance: Data has always been a major concern and fundamental to understanding customers with consumption patterns. Day by day the world is becoming cautious about their data as to where they are collected, stored, shared and ultimately how are they used. There should be systems that secure the data would be the prime concern for aviation industries as the breaching of the data would be distrust for even for the business outcomes. So, the data should be kept secure from attacks and misuse.

Thus, these technologies drivers would drive the business for aviation industries at another level. More advanced and secure focusing more on customers centric values. The dream of Wright brothers of flight would be more techno-driven in future. So the future of Aviation industry is really going to take a great flight.

Automation at Workplace

How wonderful it may sound, I mean the “Automation”, but this wonder is also a problem for many people. The problem is all they are worried about the jobs, whether automation will take their jobs. I would like to take the perception in different angle as how the automation will accelerate human capabilities and re-invent the workplace. Again, I understand this lonely perception won’t take the fear away, but I just want to add an example of a few years back when ATM machines were introduced and how people thought that jobs of bank tellers would vanish away but nothing at all happened. Instead, banks brought themselves into fewer worry factors about cash functioning of collecting and distributing. Not just that but also bank tellers can focus on different roles giving contemplation at investment advice and customer relations.

Automation should be considered the acceleration of human capabilities. It should be taken as an opportunity that can develop new skills and competencies for an organization. Enhancing the skills and focusing on something that is more important for the organization. We should focus constantly on exploring what automation can bring more for us. The acceptance that automation is for the betterment of human capabilities will bring a lot for the industries.

Intelligent automation is to replace the skills not jobs according to a study. Automation will drive growth and is going to responsible for the development and long-term values. A strategic approach towards development which is going to take enterprises on the ground of digitalization, the real time. It will enhance and empower the workforce by automating and focusing on delivering essential processes. Automation is going to give a chance to focus on employee skills and growth of an organization’s overall capabilities.

Automation is a collaboration platform so whether for an organization or a startup it is beneficial to both. Automation may distribute your work and allow you to focus on some value chain that is more important than those prescribed tasks and let you efficiently do the other essential things.
Automation indeed is an opportunity for the enterprises to evolve their strategy and walk on the roads to be competitive. The new workforce is going to be dynamics, different alternative models, and integrating intelligent automation that would reinvent the workplace. Thus, human and intelligent automation is going to be the new picture for the workplace with the enhancement of capabilities delivering the growth of an organization.

So, the conclusion is rather than worrying about the jobs to be taken we should focus more on how the automation is going to improve the existing system and identify the real opportunities which would be the win-win case for the organization as well as employees. Automation has a lot of things for human and enterprises we just need to focus more on the positive aspects. Again, automation is addition things rather than any subtraction and if something is to be subtracted than it is inaccuracy, errors, and other uncertainties that occur during the process. Wonders are on their way when they are coming with automation.

AI Changing the Digital Business

Artificial Intelligence is what everybody is talking about. The intelligence which is been artificially achieved as we can say in such a way. In another way I would represent as the intelligence which is been demonstrated by machines can also be termed as Artificial Intelligence. That’s enough of the definitions my point was about everybody talking about AI and not just talking but also curious to know more and how it can be helpful to us. AI has become the new problem-solver with its cognitive functions and learning abilities which is for sure going to be technology for tomorrow.

AI is going to change the digital business as it has a different outlook for the enterprises. The functioning is in such a way that is going to make the world function flawlessly by minimizing the need to code and recode. The advanced approach is going to make the communication much advance with no or very less human interference. The ecosystem would be developed in such a way.

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Core of AI

Learning: Expectations leads us nowhere but this time it is going to lead somewhere. I mean learning is going to change people’s expectations on how computers are going to be helpful. There is a lot of wonders they can do for us. Machine learning is the transformation, it can let the software learn and learn again by itself. It is going to transform the data system by getting the data from sensors, applications, and different devices.

Vision: Visions were always a challenge for humans in terms of recognition until, but now AI computer vision can recognize the images with accuracy and the best example is Google. Though there are other internet giants who have achieved accuracy. For deeper engagements, computer vision has brought more personalized customer experience. Characterizing facial expression has become much easier and improved due to computer vision. Thus, the automation task of categorizing images becomes faster with great insights.

Language: Communication is always a key and so there should be a language. AI has played a major role in understanding the language required for the areas at a speech to text and automatic speech recognition. Natural Language Processing (NLP) handles machine translation which is also known as entity recognition. It’s been incorporating more to understand the speakers and what they are expressing,

AI is more about user experience with the language, visual and prediction to understand the users more likely. It is everything about automation and process which is been going to embedded by IoT, Robotics, and other automated technologies.

Though there is much about the changes AI has brought and will bring in the future for the enterprises who are really taking interest in Digitalization and for the time businesses are shifting themselves towards digitalization. AI will be the need for the future as it knows what is going to be the requirement for tomorrow. AI will major key role in the digital business and its core has a much broader spectrum to cover yet.

Not alone data but analytics is transforming business

Data is the key to successful business and so is the technology being helping hands in transforming your business. Data as key helps you take the decisions to drive the business but all in the race not alone data can drive business decisions. They help companies compete in productivity, market challenges and better servitude for its customer. Data without analytics is again a half story and when we combine both data and analytics we get into a completely different story. Analytics plays a smart move with data and helps to identify the valuable insights and turn the data into something that the company can really act and get the most of out of it.

Data being a valuable source, but it doesn’t matter about the counts but what really matters is what you really do about it. Without the integration of analytics, no matter what data you brought seems to be useless. According to source projects majorly fail due to difficulty in integrating analytics into their existing processes.

The combination with analytics big data is becoming transformative. An insurance company saved millions and lowered customer cancellation rates by 40% using Apache Hadoop to analyze millions of quotes in seconds. This really helped to deliver valuable insights that were easy-to-understand. The company saved millions with proper integration of analytics to its data. It’s not just the integration but the accuracy after it.

Hence just like the insurance company, there are various sectors using data with integration to analytics. Meanwhile, developers are using real-time data streams and transforming the business. Proper analytics of data collection does not only give you valuable insights but also helps to predict potential problems that help companies from financial loses. It reflects the essential data to improve their experience.

Now it comes how can you make sure you’re putting the company’s valuable data to good use. It starts with planning, you need to get prepare the data, refine them and then combine them into streams that can be best used for analytics. As it is not really that difficult to find the stones from the sack of your rice. Thus, doing so you would come out with some business challenges and you might solve it with some accurate and relevant information.

Analytics put weight into your data that helps taking better decisions which is a combination of the right process, right data and the technology to empower it. The data and the processes are up to you. You can do it the best way you can, and the result is all yours. Major industries are taking benefits with the integration of analytics into their data and gaining valuable insights for their companies.

Are you ready to integrate your data with analytics as this is how the show is being played and the chances are great streams of insight. Thus cultivating a data-driven culture, where insight, not the feeling, drives things forwards, and where companies can move faster to seize on opportunities and counter issues, this is how it works data-analytics.

Data is the real currency: Big data

When everybody is talking about data and personal getting breach we should really worry about our data. Giant companies are being held responsible for breaching data recently, connecting to the word “data” I recall the word “Big data” that has been addressed a few years ago. Apart from breaching we should also care about the amount of data we are creating daily. As from source, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day and these amounts of data bring a lot of impact as per its utilization in both terms either useful or being misused.

As the data really have the potential to revolutionize the trends in many beneficial ways. Again, it mainly depends on how we are using the data or misusing it. I would like to take the focus on the benefits as of how the data can be beneficial to us. Still, we are just scratching the data from the surface as there is much to achieve yet. The reason is that big data is not only beyond the traditional data-processing but also our scope. Big data definition is been defined by the “3 Vs” that is volume, velocity, and variety.

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The “3 Vs” is not just to be known as the defined parameter but these parameters define the illustration we need to understand. As its just not the volume of information that describes big data but the velocity at which it is arriving and thus many different categories. The data is been increasing from yesterday to today and will increase more tomorrow. For example, the smart wearable watches they not only show the time but also collects all the details related to your health and daily habits.

In the digital era, you are smart when you know how to play with your data as businesses are relying more on the data they collect about their customers and so this is a smart move. The giant companies like Facebook, Uber, Google, etc. are more into how they can use the data they collect and what business they can produce out from it. There always been a contradiction at the point how they do which makes a confusing sketch even for the users, thus it could be a more complex value exchange than traditional commerce. They got the smartest move out from the data they collect.

Data is the real currency for these companies where they collect data about their users and how smartly they utilize it again for us. In general, we never want to share any of our personal details to any third person than just give a thought about sharing it with third parties, again you can’t give a thought the data is been utilized on yourself. Though it can’t be appreciated either what if it is for your benefit.

This was just a small shot on how the data is the currency for the future. Over the next coming years, the amount of importation we are sharing is going to grow exponentially. Looking at the points the data can potentially benefit from collecting the right data and analyzing it. IoT devices would be the perfect example of the potential data and how the industries are using them and getting benefits.

Big data is not only big but huge and so is the data and still there is a lot to get into and utilize them.

Outsourcing partners should get on the road of innovation

Outsourcing is the term for business industries are been utilizing since years long, especially IT when they came into the radar of IT sourcing it has really helped a lot. When we are speaking for outsourcing cost suppression and performance are must and this what IT heads of industries are expecting from their outsourcing partner. Again, the expectations should also match the new day I mean the new season that is Innovation. Innovation is all the trending and the season for the industries, you also can’t deny the fact that innovation is the survival in the race and so it should be importantly considered whether your outsourcing partners are heading towards it.

There is always been a conception, or I would like to say misconception about outsourcing partners, but to the bottom of facts I have tried to list down some points from different sources where we can consider truly the benefits of having an outsourcing partner and whether they can be a great partner or not.

The right partner

Alright not every one of us is looking for innovation at extent but a right outsourcing partner that has core competencies, resources, transparency, and adaptive for new technologies and trends. Decision makers should make sure that partner they have opted for the journey has resources dedicatedly and identifies the core and delivering disruptive solutions and services.

Change is a wonderful thing let’s embrace it

Change is the law of nature, this is where some IT organizations are making the biggest of mistake. When we are really looking for innovation it should start from our home itself. Any organization seeking innovation from their partners had already maintained the culture and mindset for innovation among there peoples. So, if you are expecting a change than first be the change. A collaborative approach to innovation always adds value. Apart these the organizations should be adaptive and always look forward to accepting the changes.

Understanding- lets both parties be on the same page

When organizations are partnering for innovation that becomes a little tricky as there are factors which is to be considered such as data use rights, cost-sharing, IP rights and other protections. The partnership should enhance mutual interest and benefits in innovation where true innovation should succeed. Any decision taken by any of organization should hereby be considered by a mutual understanding and agreement from both ends.

Transparency is the key

Transparency has always held the relationships better so when it comes with your outsourcing partners, it’s not always for them either but even you also that how transparent things can be kept. This helps an organization builds a strong and long-term relationship.

These are a few aspects that can be considered while going with an outsourcing partner. I hope this gives a clear picture about the conception and misconception about outsourcing partner. Again, outsourcing is not only about cost cutting but variability, wide scope of skills, and a pace where innovation grows between two organizations.

Can IoT be sustainable?


IoT is the new flavor in the industries. Nowadays every sector of industries is enjoying the new flavor as the taste is delicious. Industries can see what outcome IoT has brought to them. Still, it seems they are looking for sustainability as an ingredient in the flavor. As major industries have shifted themselves towards IoT and automation, so sustainability is the factor to be considered.

Sustainability is embedded with any product you are taking with as it associated with the economy as well. Well if we are considering the economy let me take you to a picture, any product that is been designed is always been made in such a way that it can be recycled or some of its components can be with reusability. The example is for any product but how about our dish IoT is sustainability an ingredient?

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Let’s look at some points as for how IoT considers your economy,

Predictive maintenance

Maintenance is a major concern in every industry. They use IoT trackers on assets in the field to monitor the key functions and manage them. To diagnose and repair their products either at the plant or remotely. As the average lifespan of machinery varies but there are some technological products who are from four to five years. Here IoT sensors play their part reading product performance and match it with data intelligence. This alerts managers or leaders about future system issues and informs about necessary updates or maintenance. This intelligent technology helps saving millions of dollars from repairs, replacements and failure costs to industries. So, this scenario really gives the taste of sustainability isn’t it, as we can’t really on old traditional systems.

Overhaul and accountability

Considering the above example about any product as it may go through a number of users, going with refurbishments that makes product use again. When it comes to IoT systems they are been combined with AI and Blockchain technologies that are enough capable to defend even for security threats. Thus, IoT ensures securing the authentication, detection and advanced scanning. This even here sustainability is been maintained by such advanced authentication process.

Smart decision-making

Sensors collecting data provides valuable business insights to the industry. This valuable data is been analyzed as for which energy is used and which not, what assets, consumption of materials that helps industries informed about how to get managed before the things as data-backed decisions. Even here sustainability is fueling industries.

IoT has delivered a tremendous result to industries and this is going to be the powerhouse for the next coming years. IoT products have also made the path for the sustainable lifecycle. This also saves the environment from the unnecessary useless waste which also is supporting factor for major industries in recognizing the data and their byproducts.

Thus, there are many more factors where sustainability could be tasted with IoT dish as it has yet to give many things to the world. The concept of smart is the real spice in the dish of IoT.