Cross Platform using Xamarin Forms

Cross Platform using Xamarin Forms

When everything is just on your touch and so you can get it very easily. The World with lots of Apps making our life easy and with lots of apps we have various Mobile Development Platforms. Among these, we have the most different and the contributive cross-platform Xamarin. Xamarin provides up to 75% shared code across Android, iOS and Windows. To build native mobile apps quickly it offers Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Native across these platforms. C# and .Net libraries are been used to build a common sharable backend.

There is a lot about Xamarin Forms, it offers a shared interface library to build across Android, iOS, and Windows. It offers various built-in pages with many layouts and controls for cross-platforms. These include lists, gesture support, labels, buttons, and some other controls. The shared interface having C# backend allowing to share code across platforms. Developers use these specific controls to get fully native mobile apps built completely with shared C#.

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Xamarin Forms are very easy to use, a cross-platform mobile app can be developed very easily with few steps. Firstly, you have to author the user interface using C# or XAML. Every page that it offers has a single screen within a cross-platform application. After this at runtime, you have to map these pages and their controls to platform-specific UI elements or native controls. An entry of Xamarin.Forms become TextBox on Windows, Editext on Android and UITextView on iOS. A real-native user interface is been resulted by this mapping for each platform.

And if you want to create custom UIs other than pre-defined pages, you can use Xamarin native for each platform. Though, C# or XAML can be used for an eye-catching and involving UI. For the platform-specific APIs shared service of Xamarin native can be used that offers a device level functionality. We can say Xamarin.Forms help quickly to build native mobile apps across platforms completely in C#.

Industries aiming to develop cross-platform mobile apps that are less of platform specific, Xamarin.Forms are the best choice. Xamarin.Forms are more suitable for app development which is easy to use and execute. To build a real-native cross-platform mobile app, Xamarin is the best. Though there are other cross-platform but considerably in many aspects Xamarin Native is an ideal choice.

Many industries are developing their business and consumer apps using Xamarin development framework. Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Native provide the flexibility of using a shared code and so many industries are taking benefits by developing the apps quickly and easily. Various sectors of industries are already deploying a cross-platform native mobile app in different fields.

So, we can say that Xamarin development framework is a real game-changing framework in the market. A lot of benefits and easy to implement features are the advantages that we should choose Xamarin Forms until some platform specification is the barrier. And developing a cross-platform isn’t only about cost but the efforts and time-saving factor too.


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