Azure Web Apps in Industries

Azure Web Apps in Industries

Microsoft had always been more than it is, talking about MS Azure has become a need, rather than a requirement. Cloud computing is all about services like servers, databases, software, storage, analytics, and more over the cloud. Microsoft providing cloud computing services has brought a revolution in industries from small to giant, startups to MNCs and everywhere. Developing various apps, storing data, backup, hosting of website and data recovery, along with great software as per industries requirement. Undoubtedly MS Azure is with a full package that are benefiting industries up to great extent.

As I told MS Azure is fully fledged package offering Software as Service(SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). These are not just the platforms but the success factor for every industry providing multiple integrated cloud services, different programming languages, bundled suites, tools to help industries in their cloud world.

Among all these services one of the best service is Azure App Service, product of Azure. It is fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) providing all the tools and services required to create the best required Web and Mobile Apps, API Apps, Logic Apps all in one just a simple way. These Web Apps have the capabilities such as built-in development operation, Github and continuous integration with Visual Studio, automatic patching for Azure developers to develop the apps quickly. Azure Web Apps is a complete package to develop and deploy industries Web Apps. It also enables integration with on-premises and cloud systems.

This fully-fledged system develops the apps very quickly and according to market, there are many benefits of Azure Web Apps which are,

Multi-language and versatile framework: Web App Service provides unique and multi-language support with ASP.NET, Node.js, Java, PHP and Python. These scripts or executables on App Service and they are also made to run on VMs.

Globally available: The Apps can be hosted anywhere whether manually or automatically on Microsoft’s global datacenter. App Service provides high availability with of 99.4% SLA uptime.

Highly-secured: Azure Web Apps helps delivering industry-level SLA by providing PCI security standards, SOC2 accounting standards, and ISO information security standards to use.

Better developer productivity with Application Templates: There are ample of application templates available that can be used as wizard to install open-source software.

Visual Studio Integration: Visual Studio rationalizes the work of creating, deploying, and debugging with the dedicated available tools.

Quick analytics: The platform provides a detailed view of application that monitors performance to make right decisions for business improvement. It gives a detail insights into app’s response times CPU & memory utilization, throughput and error trends.

Secure integration with SaaS apps: Various cloud SaaS applications such as Dropbox, Concur, Salesforce, and Office 365 can be easily integrated with the apps developed using Azure Web Apps service.

Azure Web Apps provides automate provisioning and deployment along with staging and production slots with a rich SDK to enable the automation service. The Web Apps being developed using these services have great capabilities of auto-scaling and traffic management that delivers better performance, user experience with zero data loss.

Industries of different segments use Web Apps on Azure like Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy and Utilities, Government, etc. With all these benefits Azure is helping the industries and taking them step ahead on the path of development.


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