Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement – Know your Customers Better

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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement – Know your Customers Better

In today’s hyper-competitive world, building and nurturing strong relationships with customers is paramount. According to a study by PwC, 73% of customers consider customer experience an essential factor in their purchasing decisions.

Moreover, currently, companies of all sizes encounter certain challenges such as effectively managing business and customer relationships, segmenting campaigns, automating marketing processes, and efficiently communicating with potential customers to generate value. Moreover, personalized services are essential for fostering loyalty and gaining recommendations.

Discovering a tool in the market that effectively incorporates all these business aspects poses a significant obstacle. Well, your search ends here!

Introducing – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, a cloud-based platform that brings integration of ERP and CRM features along with the modern cloud, designed to efficiently handle these areas and beyond.

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Picture this: A dynamic tool that combines sales, marketing, and customer service all in one place. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) is the superhero solution that does just that. It is an exceptional platform renowned for its powerful capabilities and user-friendly interface, enabling businesses to streamline data integration, obtain valuable predictive insights, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Now, we understand your skepticism, as many software providers make similar claims. However, we urge you to give us a chance. In this blog post, we will delve into the compelling reasons why investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE is truly worthwhile.

Overview of the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps

D365 Customer Engagement consists of four essential applications: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Field Service.

Sales – D365 Sales enables sales teams to proactively monitor consumer preferences, market trends, and competitors. By providing actionable insights, it keeps sales teams ahead of the game.

Marketing – With deeper insights into buyer behaviors, D365 Marketing empowers teams to nurture leads, enhance marketing messaging, and foster enduring customer relationships.

Customer Service – By centralizing customer data and utilizing AI-driven analytics, D365 Customer Service reduces time spent searching and enhances the ability to connect with customers effectively.

Field Service – Equipped with real-time data, D365 Field Service enables quick dispatch of the appropriate resources to the right location at the right time. It provides the necessary tools for achieving success on the first attempt.

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Gain Customer Insights for a Deeper Understanding of your Customer

Imagine your company is a mobile app developer catering to a wide range of users. However, you lack precise information about their preferences and usage patterns.

With Customer Insights, you can consolidate, manage, and analyze customer data in a single location. This data can include app usage data, user behavior, in-app purchases, and feedback. By leveraging this information, your company can create comprehensive customer profiles and tailor the app experience to individual users.

For instance, Customer Insights may reveal that a significant portion of your users are interested in fitness and health-related features. Armed with this knowledge, you can personalize the app by highlighting fitness trackers, workout plans, and nutritional advice for these specific users.

Additionally, Customer Insights allows you to employ predictive analytics to forecast user engagement, identify potential churn risks, or predict future feature demands. This enables your team to proactively address user needs, improve customer retention, and drive app usage.

Manage Customer Relationship Efficiently

Personalized customer service: Collect and manage customer data in one place to offer high-quality, relevant customer service. Automate email marketing and create segmented campaigns based on customer interests and behaviors.

Efficient lead and sales management: Track leads, manage sales activities, create quotes and proposals, and prioritize sales efforts with tools provided in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Improved customer service efficiency: Manage customer service cases, automate responses, handle service level agreements, and measure customer satisfaction, enhancing overall customer service efficiency and experiences.

Streamline Sales and Marketing Alignment for Enhanced Customer Engagement:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to leverage the same data model and transaction processing platform used in other Microsoft applications. This allows your teams to seamlessly extend their use of Dynamics 365.

One of the key strengths of model-driven apps in Dynamics 365 is their extensibility. Multiple business apps can be utilized concurrently on the same tenancy, instance, and database. This enables professionals across your organization to leverage applications tailored to their specific needs while easily exchanging information and processes with colleagues working on different aspects of the business.

With a unified platform, administrators, customizers, and developers only need to learn one platform, and customizations become universal. As all the expected data is stored in a single central repository, there is no need for complex data mappings or database interfaces. Both sales and marketing teams can collaborate seamlessly throughout the entire customer journey, with shared client, lead, and account information.

By leveraging Dynamics 365, your company can streamline the entire customer lifecycle, from lead discovery and nurturing to opportunity qualification and closing. This multifaceted solution replaces the need for multiple single-purpose programs and delivers consistent business value at every stage of customer interaction, from acquisition to retention.

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Leverage artificial intelligence for improved efficiency

Envision a scenario where your company deals with a high influx of customer emails containing frequently asked questions and technical support inquiries. Currently, these emails are handled manually by your customer service team, leading to potential errors and delays in response times.

By harnessing the capabilities of AI Builder, your company can develop customized AI templates capable of automatically recognizing and categorizing customer questions and requests within emails, ensuring they are directed to the appropriate customer service team. This implementation significantly reduces response times and enhances overall customer service efficiency. This streamlines response times and improves efficiency by directing them to the right customer service team.

Let’s Summarize

In summary, the benefits of D365 CE stem from its ability to centralize customer data, providing easy access for all teams. With consolidated data, finding customer profiles, preferences, and case histories becomes effortless, saving valuable time for other essential tasks and improving the overall customer experience.

Moreover, D365 CE offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers, enabling better anticipation of their needs and personalized interactions. AI-driven insights further enhance understanding by fine-tuning existing knowledge and maintaining strong customer relationships.

For instance, conversation insights provide valuable cues about customer sentiments, allowing appropriate responses and effective communication. Relationship health notifications aid in managing customer relationships, ensuring everyone receives the necessary attention and care.

To get expertise in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, you can rely on Stridely Solutions. Our team is capable, experienced, and reliable. With years of experience, we can consult you for perfectly deploying this new efficiency for your business and making it work in your favor. Contact us today.


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