The Must-Haves for A Product Configuration Software

The Must-Haves for A Product Configuration Software

Digital transformation has taken almost every sector by storm. The need to add agility and flexibility in the everyday operations mandate them to fine-tune their methods with the ongoing digital advancements. The equipment manufacturing sector is no exception. Rising customer demands and the growing competition makes it a necessity for the managers and the industry leaders to have product configuration software within their line of operations.

But what are Product Configuration Software applications?

Technically, the product configuration software are part of the CPQ software. When it comes to marketing products, marketers have a tough time collaborating with the sales team to process quickly. This is where the need for product configuration software arises. They are customer-designed to streamline the end to end manufacturing process while easing the job of the marketing team. Put simply, this software promotes the production, marketing, and sales in an effective way.

We, at Stridely Solutions, have been at the forefront of innovation, helping organizations reconfigure their production channel. As a change-maker, we not just do our job of providing solutions but extend the same to assisting the organization in making changes for the greater good.

Transforming the equipment manufacturing sector

Knocked down by the need to refine business strategies and enhance productivity, experts at Stridely Solutions helped an equipment manufacturing industry digitize their production channel, embedding the right tools in the right place.

The major changes made by us are as follows:

  • Integration with Dynamics 365:

    Business modifications or advancements are something that happens in a slow and steady manner. Similar is not the case with cloud computing. The technology has hit the corporate world hard, forcing leaders to make the change and do it fast. The manufacturing sector being one of the process-driven industry is also knocked down by the digital upheaval.

    Manufacturers must produce quality goods at an incredible pace while satisfying the needs and wants of the customers. Sticking to the age-old methodology of production would only add overheads. The introduction of Dynamic 365 within the manufacturing sector is a revolutionary step, helping the leaders to unify their business operations, add transparency, and improvise visibility across the supply chain.

    Irrespective of the size of the organization or the type of products manufactured, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the potential to modify the end to end production process. Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent software apps, each of which has a significant job to do. Depending upon the type of business operations, we help organizations integrate Dynamics 365 applications within their manufacturing operations.

  • Integration of CRM software:

    Having said the above, it is pretty clear that the scope of Dynamics 365 is vast. It has numerous applications and not all are significant for every business. However, one application that is a must for every manufacturing organization is the Dynamics 365 CRM software.

    The Dynamics CRM module comprises of tools and solutions that help transform the sales and marketing process within an organization. With the CRM software, the marketing team and the sales team can effectively obtain deeper insights into customer’s data and use it to make sound decisions. It helps them align their processes and communicate in an organized manner.

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  • Sales Process Automation:

    The automation process part of the CRM module reduces the time spent in studying customer sentiments and their buying behaviour. This facilitates the creation of targeted campaigns with a higher conversion rate.

Adding Mobility

Extending the example cited above, imagine having the software in your mobile or a tablet that can be carried along with. No matter where the marketing team or the sales team is, they can feed in data to the system which is then internally shared with others accessing the same software. This eliminates the need to re-enter the same data while empowers teams to work in collaboration.

Why have these tools?

One question that might interest you know is why these tools? Besides adhering to the fact that transformation is the need of the hour, integration of product configuration tools accelerates the pace at which goods are produced in the industry, improves productivity, boosts sales, and on whole benefits both the company and the customer. Not to forget that these tools gather data in huge amounts that can be used for analysis and reporting purposes.


With the increasing need for digitization that businesses opt for configuration software for equipment manufacturing. Adding them in your line of operations and utilizing them for marketing will help you work more smoothly.



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