Dynamics 365 Customer Voice – What it is and what makes it good for your Organization?

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice – What it is and what makes it good for your Organization?

A couple of days back, Microsoft rolled out it’s a new application or the app of the week, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. While some consider it to be the rebranded version of Microsoft Forums Pro, others regard it to be something different, and something more than the Forums Pro. Keeping this as the core of our discussion, we move ahead to highlight what exactly this application is, what are the different features, and how will an organization benefit from it.

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

Customer Voice of Dynamics 365 is a feedback management system designed specifically to automate and regulate the job of taking feedback from the end customers. Employing an AI assistant, the solution is such that it can garner results in real-time and further provides a holistic view of the customer data and corresponding views.

Put simply, it is a people’s product, focusing solely on gathering customer sentiments, assessing and analyzing it to further connect with them and build better relationships. The solution can be used both for internal as well as external assessments and the prime cause behind the launch of the same is to gather customer feedback in real-time. The data here would then be used to make better and smarter decisions.

Features of Customer Voice

  • Intuitive Dashboard:

    Customer Voice has a simple yet intuitive dashboard that provides a holistic view of the customer and his/her data. The customer executives can get hold of the customer data and track their experiences. For instance, consider that a customer has rated your services to be less effective. All you need to do is click on the customer’s name to gain insights on the data.

    The dashboard displays the information, the history of customer interaction, and the reasons specified by the user as to why they gave a bad rating. Based on this, customer executives can take appropriate actions to reach out to the customer and resolve the problem at the earliest, creating happy customers.

  • Predefined Templates:

    Designed specifically as a feedback management system or one that helps conduct surveys, Dynamic 365 Customer Voice has predefined templates and questions that can be used to gather information from the user. The tool allows you to add personalized questions or extend the existing one to be part of the survey.

    In addition to the above, customer executives have the liberty to add metrics such as the Net Promoter Score to assess the performance or the efficiency of the service provided. One thing to note here is that it is not only the survey questionnaires that are preferred in the system. For customers that have had poor experiences, the customer voice application has solution templates for that as well.

  • Third-party Software Integration:

    Besides offering predefined metrics and the set of questions as tied to them, the customer voice application can seamlessly integrate with third-party software to expand the scope of the solution. To be precise, the tool can gel well with other Microsoft apps like the Dynamics 365 apps or any other third-party CRM-related applications.

    This helps consolidate all of the customer’s information under a single roof. Meaning that your executives need not switch between applications, instead get all fed in a single platform. In addition to this, an application such as Power Automate helps external system integration. Customer voice can also integrate with Power Platform tools such as Power Apps and Power BI to gain in-depth insights about the customer’s journey.

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  • AI-Assistant:

    Customer Voice is an application that is extremely rich in technology. It is equipped with the technology of artificial intelligence which helps conduct sentiment analysis on the data gathered by the same. Every time a survey is conducted, the data is fetched to all of the applications.

Advantages of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Having said all of the above, we now understand how the solution benefits your business.

  • Ready-to-use templates that can be used to get quick feedback and corresponding reports. Having a predefined set of questions saves the time required to build one.
  • Customer voice also gives the ease to create custom-fit questions or reports depending upon the application or the service provided.
  • Compatible with all the devices making it easier for the customers to connect and engage with your business.
  • Integration with third-party applications helps get better and deeper insights about the customer, their views, and their opinions. Also, it provides a holistic view of the customer’s data, enabling the executives to analyze better and make decisions in real-time.


While announcing the launch of the new platform by Microsoft Dynamics 365, one question that surfaced every now and then was how the solution is different from the existing feedback management application: Forums Pro. The fact is that the newer incorporates all of the tools as part of Forums Pro, so people speculated that it wasn’t anything new but a rebranded solution of the existing one. In short, customer Voice seems to be the enhanced version of Forums Pro.

Adhering to this, Microsoft GM Ray Smith explained to the audience that Customer Voice is more about a natural up-gradation or evolution of Forums Pro. If you want to start using Microsoft Dynamics 365, customer voice or any of the Microsoft services, experts at Stridely Solutions can help you out.

It is expected that soon Forums pro would be transitioned to Customer Voice with a few changes and enhancements. While the core of the two remains the same, the modern-day solution is more user-friendly and rich in technology.

In the end, it is all about what a customer expects and what has been their experience. Where a thank you note is sent in normal cases, the one with poor experiences are reconnected to solve the problem and create happy customers.




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