Empower Business with Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an all-in-one marketing software that allows you to manage your entire marketing operation. It unifies your customer information and provides marketing automation features.
With Dynamics 365 Marketing you can automate processes, segment audiences, filter customer lists, send personalized emails, manage campaigns, and more. It also includes capabilities such as audience management, email-based marketing solutions, and more.
Stridely is one of the top Dynamics 365 marketing service provider.  Delivering marketing automation solutions is our specialty, and we excel at helping companies realize the solution’s marketing value quickly and effectively. We have a team with extensive industry experience and product knowledge. They strive to provide real-world advantages and meet your company’s specific demands.

Automated lead scoring using Dynamics 365 Marketing – A Perfect Way to Qualify your Most Promising Leads

Automated lead scoring using Dynamics 365 Marketing – A Perfect Way to Qualify your Most Promising Leads

Lead management is a complicated task and when you have tons of prospects, segmenting them into high quality and poor quality leads becomes a lot more difficult. In fact, marketers are always worried and wonder when to move their leads from the automation platform to Dynamics CRM.

Maximize your Marketing Results with D365 Marketing

Expand your business by going beyond basic email marketing to discover and nurture more sales-ready leads, all driven by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Attract the right customers by launching multi-channel campaigns and optimizing email campaigns via marketing automation.

Having a unified perspective of the customer can assist marketing and sales improve their share of consumer data.

Customer segmentation in Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to customize communication according to your customers’ requirements and interests. When initiating a campaign, marketers can consider their target audience, establish a relevant group, and gain the confidence of customers by engaging with them at a higher quality level.

Understand the effectiveness of your marketing activities and where you’re gaining business.

Create and execute multi-channel campaigns to attract the most qualified leads from email marketing, online landing pages, LinkedIn, webinars, phone calls, and events.

How Stridely can Help You?

D365 Marketing Implementation

To get Dynamics 365 Marketing up and going, collaborate with our professional project team. Our experts have real-world sales and marketing expertise, so they understand your requirements.

D365 Marketing Customization

Make Dynamics 365 Marketing work even better for your company. Our team has the technical expertise to install, integrate, and adapt the software to create the right solution for you.

D365 Marketing Integration

Integrate D365 Marketing into your business workflow with us. We will seamlessly integrate D365 marketing into your infrastructure.

D365 Marketing Support

We take over Dynamics 365 support for your organization to relieve you from diving into the technical nuances of the software. We are always available to assist you in resolving difficulties and ensuring the platform's efficient functioning.


CRM Ecosystem: A Quick Overview to What you are Missing Out

CRM or Customer Relationship Management; this is one term that businesses of all sorts are aware of and leaves no turn to attain maximum excellence. Streamlined and impressive CRM is what lays the foundation of a successful business as this operational area allows a business to value its customers and deliver its services as the customers expected or desired.

An all-inclusive View of Dynamics 365 and how it helps in Boosting Digital Selling

Digitization has taken the entire business space by storm. More and more organizations are actively marching towards the adoption of digital tools and technologies to streamline their business operations and target their sales better. Keeping this as the core, there has been a massive influx of technologies that guide the process. And one of these is Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Latest CRM Trends

IT industry is like an engine for the companies as helping them to grow. To make it more effective customer relationship management CRM is playing an essential role. Implementing CRM plays a major role with many benefits.

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