Boost digital selling with Dynamics 365 Sales

Experience the full spectrum of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, a cutting-edge Sales
Automation Software designed to empower you in generating and overseeing leads,
fostering connections with potential clients and existing customers, nurturing sales from lead initiation to order fulfilment, monitoring sales opportunities, precise sales forecasting, and evaluating sales performance across products and sales teams—all while leveraging embedded insights.
As a distinguished Microsoft partner and certified Dynamics 365 Sales professional, Stridely Solutions is poised to streamline your administrative tasks. Our expertise enables your sales team to concentrate on building customer trust and sealing more deals.

Visualize your Data

Make impactful closures through embedded intelligence

Dynamics 365 Sales empowers sales teams to participate in personalized interactions with their customers to offer superior insights and increase RoI.

Lead Prioritization

Direct your attention to the most promising leads and prospects, building a qualified pipeline
through the strategic application of predictive intelligence.

Product Recommendations

Increase your chances of success by generating cross-sell suggestions tailored to meet the
specific demands of your customers.

Customer Intelligence

Increase customer engagement by attaining AI-driven intelligent insights through advanced
analysis of comprehensive customer data.

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How Stridely Can Help You?

We offer an all-encompassing range of services to guide you on your Dynamics 365 Sales expedition.

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Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation

We manage the complete integration of Dynamics 365 Sales into your business, customizing it to align with your sales processes and ensuring seamless data flow by integrating it with associated systems. Implementing Dynamics 365 Sales represents a proactive investment in the ongoing success and competitiveness of your sales endeavors.
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Dynamics 365 Sales Upgrade

Optimize your sales workflow and unlock greater profit potential through the advanced capabilities of a Dynamics 365 Sales upgrade. This strategic enhancement ensures that your system is equipped with the latest features and optimizations, empowering your team to navigate sales processes more seamlessly, make informed decisions, and ultimately drive increased revenue.
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Dynamics 365 Sales Support

Count on our Dynamics 365 Sales support to keep your sales process consistent and smooth. We’re here to make sure your customers have a great experience, providing the help you need for top-notch sales performance and customer satisfaction.

How can Dynamics 365 Sales change your Sales Game?

Track Opportunities

Monitor and manage your sales process to increase revenue while lowering costs.

Activity Tracking

Monitor and report on the activities of your sales team contacts, accounts, opportunities, and leads.

Manage Customers

Gather and maintain customer information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, as well as other important events.

Dashboards and Reports

Build dynamic dashboards that deliver real-time information on sales trends, activities, and social media activity.


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