AI/ML in Healthcare – How it is Turning Out to be the Great Savior?

AI/ML in Healthcare – How it is Turning Out to be the Great Savior?

Healthcare sector is considered as the living god on earth. And during the last 2 years of pandemic, it was proven again. How can we forget the time when the healthcare sector single-handedly took the load, to save millions of lives, on themselves? Their hard work and continuous efforts were commendable.

However, it is not all well for the healthcare industry. Problems like lack of man force, lack of availability of medicines in spite of having constant attempts of full capacity of medicine productions keep on making to the news. Also, due to continuous closeness with the infected ones, many healthcare persons lost their lives. It feels disheartened to experience such environment around us.

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In this modern era of technology, healthcare sector has though seen a lot of technological advancements but with the time coming ahead it still has the opportunity to see more advancement.

See how this sector can leverage (or, is leveraging) the advantages that Artificial Intelligence brings to the table.

AI/ML and Healthcare – The Connection that will bring Benefits for all

In last few years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has seen a great rise and are one of the tech-future of many industries with its smart and efficient working pattern and easy to integrate capability in various sectors. One such sector amongst it is Healthcare where AI and ML is growing its legs with latest trends and great understanding of human health, better medical procedures and detecting the accurate chronic diseases.

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Machine Learning has a wide range of healthcare applications to offer, ranging from simple accurate case management to accurate disease detection to an accurate operation of patient body with the use of robotic arms.

With having a capacity of handling a large amount of data precisely, machine learning algorithms are very useful to help doctors with the monitoring the patient health with past history to even suggest the proper medicine for each patient.

Let us see few of the most useful applications of Machine Learning in the healthcare sector.

6 AI/ML Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare

1) Handling Medical Data

Machine learning is revolutionizing the health-care sector by incorporating cognitive technology to uncoil a large number of medical records and to do any power diagnosis. Machine learning aids in predicting a user’s purpose.

By incorporating machine learning into an organization’s workflow, it is possible to create a tailored user experience that allows the company to make better decisions and take better actions that benefit the patients. As a result, machine learning aids in the storage, collection, and reform of data.

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2) Support in medical Imaging and Diagnostics

AI is getting much better with understanding the medical images and scans. This helps in identifying important features and insights from the films and scans prioritizing the critical cases needing some immediate attentions for radiologists or cardiologists. This reduces the potential faults or human error in understanding health condition and help precise diagnosis in less time.

A huge amount of image data can be used for screening which can be a stressed work. AI algorithms holds the capability to scan, read and identify this large amount of data in quick time and also compare it with other studies to generate any unusual change or unseen pattern for each patient. This helps professional to analyze critical information quickly.

3) Reduce cost of new medicines under development

For development of any new medicine, a lot of research is needed and hard work is needed to understand the molecular structure of any new disease. Thanks to supercomputers which are very useful in understanding such research, molecular structure from the stored database to predict which medicinal drug can be useful for a particular disease.

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With the help of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), a medicinal algorithm named as AtomNet was developed. This algorithm predicts the binding of small molecules to proteins after rigorous calculations. It analyzes data prepared by reading thousands of protein structures and millions of experimental measurements for this purpose.

This system also enabled the use of CNN to detect accurate and effective drug from the database, reducing the cost of medicinal drug development. This method was very successful while the development of Ebola virus drug in 2015.

4) Providing the Medical Assistance with accurate prescribed medicines

Recently medical chatbots are having a lot of demand with providing medical assistance to needy ones in emergency and also for those who are not easily reachable. Medical chatbots uses the several ml algorithms depending on the capability and use. Basic chatbots which use Natural Language Processing are useful for detecting the disease based on symptoms told to them and prescribing the accurate medicines for the disease.

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Advanced medical chatbots also come with the feature of uploading the medical reports, live 24×7 doctor consultations, appointments booking for tests and also reminder function for the patients to remind them for the tests to be carried out on time. Such chatbots also analyze the medical reports and finds out the important information of the patient and sends the data to the concerned doctor which helps the doctor to attend the patients in early stage of disease and also with all important conditions in front of him from past as well.

5) Machine Learning in Accurate Decision making

It is very tough to make any decision during emergencies but AI has also shown its capability in decision making power during any medical emergency. One of the best examples of decision-making capability of AI are Surgical Robots that are capable of reducing the errors during the critical surgeries and helping the surgeons with the quick action during emergency. Surgical Robots have shown in several scenarios where the critical surgeries have been performed very smoothly very minimal mortality rate. They are beneficial in complex surgeries with better accuracy than any others.

6) Detecting Early stage Diseases (as Critical as Cancer)

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, smart wearable devises have been developed which can be attached to human body and analyze the human body condition very accurately reducing the chances of mortality with the detection of diseases at an early stage.

One such example is smartwatch with the features to analyze the hearth rate, blood pressure, oxygen level and detect the human condition to warn from a possible cardiac arrest or reduction of blood pressure or oxygen level. Such devices also have features of sleep hours calculation, activity control, breathe control, water alarm and many more which can be recorded 24×7.

Recently AI is being developed with the most critical disease of Cancer Detection with its severity and accurate diagnosis which will be useful in reducing the Mortality rate from Cancer. The Deep Learning algorithms are working with the large image datasets to understand and detection of the possible cancer cells warning the patients with the severity of it and accurate diagnostics. Also, Machine Learning algorithms are being used to classify the accurate cancer type with the data provided or by analyzing the patient condition and medical reports.

The Final Word

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have many more applications to offer in Healthcare sector and with the use of these technologies healthcare sector can be supported with various hands in less to no time.

With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence techniques and machine learning modelling, soon AI will become the very close friend of Doctors helping them in almost all aspects of the medical sector allowing them to do new researches for betterment of mankind.

Stridely Solutions work closely with healthcare pioneers from around the world to help them realize and utilize the power of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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