Machine learning for Precision Agriculture: How Smart Farming can Leverage from ML?

Machine learning for Precision Agriculture: How Smart Farming can Leverage from ML?

In the coming years, the Agriculture sector around the globe will see a huge transformation as ML, AI, and automation will unlock and bring game-changing opportunities on board. This article highlights how farmers and technologists can harness the power of advanced technology for propelling the industry forward.

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The Background

By 2050, humans will be the most dominant species on earth with 10 billion in the count – U.N report. The size of the planet will remain unchanged though which means the increase in population will put a huge pressure on the resources and landmass for food requirements. And to top of that, there are issues of deforestation, global warming, depleting water resources, and soil erosion making the problem even more serious.

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Fortunately, today technological advancements are making things easier for individuals. Intelligent robots and smart machines are bringing transformation in the agricultural field. Powered by Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning systems these tools provide an ideal solution for various agricultural solutions. They are contributing towards human life’s betterment.

How Machine learning is paving the way to precision agriculture? 

With the increasing strain on food supplies globally, the need for optimum crop production has grown more than ever. Modern technology equipped with ML capabilities is making it possible to meet the challenges of the industry.

  • Automatic detection of ripened crops and drought patterns

AI and ML are transforming farms into smart farmlands which are termed Precision agriculture. The unique combination of technologies like Big Data, AI, IoT, Machine Learning, and Cloud and their applications allow individuals to automatically detect drought patterns and trace the ripening patterns of crops. Besides, the emergence of smart tractors makes it easier for them to weed out sick and diseased plants.
The technology is extensively used for safety, research analysis, terrain scanning, monitoring soil hydration, spatial analysis, and identifying yield issues in agriculture. The smart drones that are equipped with ML and AI capabilities pinout the diseased plants and help in the precise spraying of pesticides on farmlands.
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They also help in adding macro and micronutrients and checking physical properties like chemical properties, moisture, pH balance of soil, and more. The combination of precision Agriculture and AI-powered application allows individuals to identify the match case and determine the disease which has stopped the growth of the plant and match it with the diseases listed in the imagery database.
On learning about the disease in real-time, farmers can build the corrective measures at the early stages and it could eliminate the possibility of loss. There are endless possibilities with data analytics, AI, and ML in Precision Agriculture. The data is then collected, measured, analyzed, and sent to the farmers.

Real-time solutions for agricultural issues through Chatbots 

Chatbots are AI-powered virtual assistants that conduct automated interactions with the users. They are created using machine learning techniques enabling users to understand the language of the users and build personalized interaction with them.
The chatbots are equipped majorly for media, agriculture, retail, and travel. The facility not only assists the farmers but also allows them to receive answers and solutions to their queries in real time.
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Today, we are heading towards AI-enabled precision agriculture where the farming processes are handled by technology. The farmers have long been fighting a battle with different sorts of internal and external factors like pest problems, unpredictable weather, water shortage, etc.
The trend can now be reversed by leveraging Big Data and AI Analytics. It helps in optimizing the entire farmland while ensuring that every section of it is used efficiently.
The smart technology also scans every plant for growth and health tracking. Any pest issues are identified at an early stage and the same is notified to the individuals. It wasn’t possible with old agricultural methods.

ML-powered technologies optimize the entire farming process 

The combination of Big Data Analytics, AI and ML, and smart edge devices such as drones, GPS, and sensors are used widely in smart greenhouses, fish farming, and livestock monitoring.
The adoption of advanced Blockchain technology makes the change even more revolutionary in the field of agriculture. It ensures transparency, and quick processing time, and upholds superior accountability. Plus, the advancement also contributes to supply chain optimization while adding value to the farming process.

Maximized yield of crops

Seed quality and variety of selections are important for the optimal performance level of the plants. ML-enabled technologies help crops to grow quickly and in the best health. Moreover, the quantity of the product also depends on hybrid seed selection. The seed should meet the needs of the farmers.

AI and ML enable farmers to understand how different types of seeds react in different weather conditions and soil types. This information allows farmers to take the right decision at the right time to eliminate the possibility of crop damage due to diseases or any other reasons.
So, AI is not just changing how digital businesses work but farming too.

The technology also enables farmers to meet the ever-changing market trends, consumer needs, and annual outcomes. It helps farmers in maximizing the return on their harvest. Resultantly, farmers can increase their farm output by 6 to 7 times per acre and make the most of their farmland.

The Future of Agriculture will be Technology-Empowered

Advancements in AI technology have revolutionized the agricultural sector, enabling even tractor machinery to efficiently remove diseased or infected plants. Furthermore, satellite imagery provides valuable insights into various drought patterns.

In addition, farmers now have access to AI and ML-powered apps that serve as diagnostic tools. These applications provide comprehensive plant information and offer effective solutions to address agricultural challenges.

However, it is essential for agricultural experts, technology companies, and thought leaders to continue their collaborative efforts in order to innovate, harness, and enhance the potential of advancing technologies. Governments also play a crucial role in raising awareness about the significance of Precision Agriculture.

Farmers should embrace emerging technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to boost farm yield and productivity.


The agriculture sector has been facing a lot of difficulties such as changes in temperature, the absence of proper irrigation facilities, food scarcity, groundwater density, substantial, waste, etc. Cognitive solutions such as Machine Learning can change the fate of farming. Despite the need for further research and development in large-scale agriculture, there are numerous market applications and advanced tech tools available to improve the overall system.
ML-enabled precision farming also enables farmers to handle the real issues faced by them due to autonomous solutions and decision-making. ML has a huge scope in agriculture. Hence, the applications should be reliable and robust. Highly efficient ML tools can handle the changes that take place in external conditions. It also facilitates them with real-time decision-making and helps in ensuring an appropriate platform or framework for contextual data collection.
The high cost of cognitive solutions is another thing of concern in farming. Hence, technology is being used to find the right solutions and ensure that technological tools reach the masses easily.
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