Understanding SAP Conversational AI Bot (SAP CAI) Standard Implementation

Understanding SAP CAI’s Standard Implementation

SAP needs no introduction as this suite of ERP solutions has earned a magnificent reputation across the globe. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are lying their faith in this inventive resource. SAP CAI or SAP Conversational AI is another highly useful offering from SAP.

In this post, we’ll throw light on the utility of SAP CAI and the standard implementation style for this it.

SAP Conversational AI – An Overview

SAP CAI is an ingenious approach guiding enterprises and businesses through-and-through in designing creative and low-code chatbot platforms. Everything related to training, building, testing, and connecting the AI-driven chatbots is offered. Owning the power of SAP CAI, and strengthening the service delivery and user experience of a business is a doable task.

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Here are some of the key traits of this platform.

  • The platform is low code allowing SAP solutions to get integrated with current operations quickly and seamlessly.

  • The world-class NLP technology support building of human-like robots that can analyze the inputs in a better manner.

  • The platform proffers intuitive UI and extensive bot builder assistance.

Standard SAP Conversational AI Implementation Style

The above text, if received due attention, must have clear the fact that the use of SAP CAI empowers an enterprise at various fronts. It’s time to learn about various plausible SAP CAI implementation styles. While one tries to make this step, pondering over a bit on the below-mentioned point is necessary.

  • What type of cloud structure you’re using?

  • Are you ready to deploy your bot on the cloud?

  • Do you have any plan to move to the cloud in the near future?

Once you have the answer to all these questions, you can move ahead and pick an implementation style. Presently, our focus is on the standard implementation style wherein the least possible development work is involved.

Download Guide: BOT Framework

Let’s carry forward by taking a generic example into context wherein the client needs:

  • An on-premise database deployed backend

  • To access the SAP Cloud platform for bot logic hosting

  • To relish over the perks offered by Bot Connector so that the bot can be integrated well with platforms like Skype, WebChat, and many more

The standard SAP CAI implementation process starts with entering the expression detail in any of the below-mentioned channels.

SAP CAI channels

Once the expression is entered successfully into the bot connector, the tool converts it in a format that’s understandable by SAP CAI.

SAP CAI process 1

After this stage, the expression is moved to the dialog engine wherein the NLP engine separates entities and intents from the expression.


Up next, the dialog runtime comes into action to control the conversation flow as per the details of extracted entities and intents.

If there is a need for auxiliary backend system information for further movement then the dialog engine will call out bot logic for assistance. The desired information will be received in the JSON package. JSON package will feature conversation state, confidence scores, triggered skills, and other relevant information.

Bot logic will use this information, connect with the backend system seamlessly, and extract desired information to begin a transaction.

The next step is to expose the gathered information in an utterly secure ecosystem.

The data will be introduced to the storage system via SAP Gateway. Cloud Connector is used to allow OData services like SAP Gateway to be connected with the data storage without asking for the need for an opening port. This step is only required for an on-premise database. Bot logic will automatically connect to the data if it’s stored on the cloud and is exposed to web API.

Bot Logic

Key Points to Know About Standard SAP Conversational AI Implementation Approach

  • End-to-end assistance of powerful tools like in-built Bot connector, Dialog runtime, and NLP Engine.
  • Understand that bot logic development will be your responsibility. However, it’s fairly easy.
  • In this approach, one has to configure SAP Gateway and SAP Cloud connector as well.
  • Data will be exposed to the cloud. Hence, one must enforce robust data security practices.
  • Enterprises are allowed to enforce user identity approaches like single sign-on into action.

Over to You Now

SAP CAI is a useful tool to improve customer assistance and service delivery. The standard implementation approach is useful when one needs to keep the resource requirement at the lowest level. However, the development of Bot connector, SAP Gateway, SAP Cloud Connector, and implementation of the SSO approach can be too daunting for a few. Stridely Solutions offers dependable assistance on this front.

Using the unmatched expertise over SAP CAI and standard implementation approach, it will take care of every relative development with full perfection. With their help, bringing SAP CAI to its full capacity is possible.


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