Manufacturing Company Goes Paperless With Microsoft SharePoint

Manufacturing Company Goes Paperless With Microsoft SharePoint

The Introduction:

Emerged from a long history of innovation in manufacturing equipments, the company has grown to become a leading developer and manufacturer of industrial and domestic equipments like vacuum machines, hose pipes, heat cooling solutions, etc. They offer more than 75 machines including variants (different models) and hundreds of serviceable spare parts across its network having more than 300 dealers.

The company moves to digital transformation through document digitization as a big leap, saving thousands of sheets of printed papers. To transform this paper-dependent culture into digital environment, Stridely used SharePoint Workflows along with Adobe sign, for electronic documents storage with signatures. This improved the public accessibility to the documents and also increased the transparency among the users.


Clarity on the service and implementation contracts, service orders and customer documents were the major challenge areas. Dealers who wanted to purchase, had to fax in their signed orders. This was followed by territory manager who approves the order with signature followed by a dealer, sales manager and then operations manager.

Unlike other manufacturers, Client used to generate a lot of paper that used to track stocks from manufacture to final delivery. This documentation was must to be taken care of, to witness the right product that was manufactured and delivered to the correct customer.

Company was growing into huge number of employee strength along with increasing customer base and acquiring new territories; they also faced distinct challenges as it worked to reached thousand plus of employees quickly and efficiently.

“By combining SharePoint and Adobe Sign, the transformation was nothing short of amazing! The ordering process was streamlined and became easy to manage and track orders much more effectively and eliminated lost orders. “

Our Solution

As a strategic move, it was decided to convert these paper documents into electronic form, so that they would be able to organize, manage and most importantly communicate effectively across the partners, employees and customer network.

Client adopted SharePoint 2016 with Office 365 and Adobe Sign with Adobe Document Cloud solution, for its electronic signature needs. Client could successfully reduce the back-and-forth that typically accompanies document review and approval processes. Talking about one real time scenario, financial department will use Adobe Sign for authentication forms, organize these digital assets over SharePoint platform which got configured by Stridely’s team for user role management, authentication, single sign-on, etc. Stridely team also helped customer create SharePoint intranet portal so that organization wide collaboration platform was established in addition to document specific tasks viz. document exchange, review, edit, versioning, etc.

Results and ROI

The results were immediate. With the help of Adobe sign, the ordering process was reduced massively. Huge saving on infra cost was a big booster that helped management achieve faster Return on Investments. The ordering process was streamlined and became easy to manage and track orders much more effectively and eliminated lost orders. This increased the business’ efficiency and improving productivity and the customer service. Any duplicate data is erased from the customer’s network, speeding up productivity and reducing the workload placed on their internal file server and exchange servers. Mostly all customers were interacting through SharePoint sites being the effective collaboration platform and Adobe Sign, either as a person initiating a document for signature or as a signer.

Key Stats

  • With the help of Adobe sign, the ordering process was reduced from minimum of two days to only 30 minutes.
  • Nearly 40% of total transacted documents were signed electronically in the first year.
  • 20% increase in on-time delivery.
  • 30% of the ordering process was streamlined.
  • 40% of the productivity and profitability has increased that was driven by SharePoint.


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