SMART Water Quality System

SMART Water Quality System

The Introduction:

The client is a leading global provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions for its industrial and recreational customers. Based in USA, the client has a broad portfolio of products and services, they have more than 40k+ customers located in more than 100 locations across several countries. To meet its growth and demand, they are looking to leverage a smart solution that helps them keep track of water sources, water quality, equipment failures and customer queries. To maintain quality standards across multiple business locations.


The company has been facing several challenges, such as the quality of water that is needed to meet appropriate industry standards for safety and sustainability, keeping track of water being used, and predicting and preventing equipment failures.

  • Ensuring that quality water is always supplied to the right infrastructure, which can be a complex and ongoing challenge due to changes in water sources and water treatment.
  • Tracking water consumption in infrastructure is also challenging, as it requires accurate monitoring and measurement of water consumption across different channels and sectors.
  • Identifying the quality of water used is an additional challenge, as water quality can vary greatly depending on the source and process.
  • Predictive and preventative monitoring of cleaning equipment is also necessary to ensure that the system is operating efficiently and effectively, but this can be difficult due to the complexity and importance of the equipment for continuous maintenance and monitoring.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Stridely developed a SMART Water Quality System to address the growing need for real-time monitoring and management of water quality parameters to ensure the safe and sustainable use of water resources. The system supports various sensors – quality, pH, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, water level, flow status, worker quality, and polisher quality. The system also had a meter reader to track water usage and detect any leaks.

  • Created Multi-tenant platform customer registration, Device monitoring.
  • Centralized Database – A multi-model database management system as Master DB to simplify and reduce management workloads.
  • Azure DevOps – Development and release in smaller parts using DevOps-based architecture to reduce business risks.
  • SAP – Integration with cutting-edge customer service experience.
  • Azure Storage – For securely storing all the important data.
  • Alert and Email Integration – The best marketing solution, integrated with the customer portal to effectively communicate with customers.
  • Azure AD B2C – For a smooth customer journey, user sign-in and strong authentication to protect customer data.
  • Microservice based architecture.
  • Failover and recovery of data using Azure services.


Given that the firm is the market leader in its sector, it is essential for us to offer services that can reduce its business risk and give them a competitive edge.

Our strong connection with Microsoft allows us to leverage the latest technologies and best practices to deliver the most efficient and reliable DevOps solutions to our clients. Additionally, we incorporate SAP into our DevOps workflows to enhance customer service and improve business outcomes. By integrating SAP with Azure DevOps, we help our clients achieve greater visibility, collaboration, and automation across their entire software development lifecycle.

  • The SMART Water Quality System provided several benefits to the company. The system was a SaaS-based platform that provided real-time monitoring and alerts of water quality.
  • The system’s proactive service and rapid response from the local service team helped reduce labour costs. The system’s integration with the ERP system (SAP) allowed for auto SVO creation.
  • The system’s historical data analysis provided predictive and preventive analytics, and a customer-wise dashboard provided detailed insights into the system’s performance.
  • Overall, the SMART Water Quality System developed by Stridely Solutions helped the company overcome their water quality challenges, providing them with a reliable and efficient system that ensured they served quality water to their customers.

Key Statistics

  • The client reported a 50% increase in productivity and a 20% decrease in labor costs after implementing the Stridely Solutions platform.
  • The client was able to monitor water quality in real-time and quickly respond to any issues, leading to a 40% reduction in downtime.
  • The integration with SAP allowed for better customer service and auto-SVO creation, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks by 30%.
  • The predictive and preventive analytics feature allowed for historical data analysis, leading to better decision-making and improved equipment maintenance.

Future Prospects

  • The Stridely Solutions platform has the potential to be used by a wide range of industries beyond water treatment, such as agriculture and food production, where water quality is critical.
  • As businesses become increasingly focused on sustainability, the ability to track water usage and quality will become more important. Stridely Solutions can help companies reduce water waste and improve sustainability efforts.
  • The integration with Azure AD B2C ensures that customer data is protected and provides a smooth user experience, which will be important for companies looking to maintain strong relationships with their customers.


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