Stridely Solutions Expands Global Footprint with New Partnership: Welcomes Tekla Canada on Board

Stridely Tekla Canada Partnership

Stridely Solutions, a prominent IT consulting company, and global technology solutions provider, continues to strengthen its position in Building Information Modeling (BIM) with an extended partnership with Tekla, a renowned provider of 3D BIM software for building structures.

Notably, Stridely Solutions has been a longstanding partner with Tekla India and is excited to now announce its collaboration with Tekla Canada.Tekla: A Leading Force in BIM Software

Tekla stands out as a leading name in the BIM software domain, specializing in the modeling of building structures. Their widely used Tekla Structures software facilitates creating, combining, managing, and distributing accurate multi-material models rich in construction information. This collaboration strategically positions Stridely Solutions to leverage Tekla’s expertise at all stages of design, detailing, and information management, from conceptual planning to on-site construction.

Empowering BIM Automation with Tekla Structures

Tekla’s flagship software, Tekla Structures, is widely recognized for its excellence in BIM, particularly in the modeling of building structures. Stridely Solutions, with its focus on BIM Automation, sees this partnership as a strategic move to leverage Tekla Structures for automating design and engineering processes.
From conceptualization to fabrication, Tekla Structures aligns seamlessly with Stridely’s commitment to BIM Automation, enabling the creation, management, and distribution of accurate multi-material models.

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Scaling Design and Engineering Efforts

The partnership empowers Stridely Solutions to elevate its BIM Automation services. By utilizing Tekla Structures, Stridely aims to enhance project efficiency, streamline processes, and deliver tailored solutions to clients. The collaboration opens avenues for Stridely to deploy advanced BIM Automation techniques, including custom plugins, components, apps, and process automation.

Our Services Include:

• Tekla Structures – BIM Modeling Automation
• Custom Plug-Ins & Component Development using Tekla Open API
• Enabling 3D Design and Drafting
• Custom Drawings (E,F,R) and Reports Generation
• Rebar – Custom Couplers and Anchor Tools Development

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Industry-Specific Knowledge for Higher Returns

With Stridely’s unique industry-specific knowledge, clients can expect to generate higher returns. Stridely’s distinct modernization approach identifies the best solutions for specific requirements, ensuring that each project benefits from precision, efficiency, and innovation.

Management Insight

Commenting on the collaboration, the Management Desk of Stridely Solutions stated, “Tekla is one of the engineering community’s most regarded companies, and we are delighted to join forces and establish a collaboration between Stridely and Tekla. We both share a strong emphasis on offering the best solutions to automate design and engineering for increased safety, accuracy, and effectiveness.”

Looking Ahead

With an in-house team of experts and professionals, Stridely Solutions is poised to make the most of this strategic partnership. The collaboration with Tekla Canada marks another significant milestone, reaffirming Stridely’s commitment to being at the forefront of the evolving landscape of the design world, a testament to the company’s physical presence in Canada, adding another layer to its global capabilities.


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