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SLT for company carve out – Everything that you need to Know

SAP is without a doubt one of the best ecosystems to run and operate applications over the cloud. For one,...
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KANBAN for Efficient Supply Chain Management – Advantages and Classification

Originated from a Japanese word call billboard, KANBAN is one way to schedule lean manufacturing processes. Right from when an order is placed to the time when delivery is complete, KANBAN takes over the entire system. What this means is that with KANBAN, all of the manufacturing processes would be simple. Not to forget the fact that KANBAN aids just in time inventory management which is helpful in terms of saving costs. In simple terms, the KANBAN system is all about having a regulated supply chain. At any point in time, there is as much stock as needed to meet the demands. Every time products are sold, the suppliers are notified about the same so that they can stock up the inventory once again. The sole purpose of having such a system is to prevent wastage.
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Know Everything about Forms Pro Dynamics 365 for Advanced Surveying

Wondering whether your customers love your product or do they just stalk them? Have you ever considered asking your customers...
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S/4HANA Upgrade (Technical, Functional upgrade and Fiori upgrade)

Are you one of the organizations that migrated to SAP solutions and now planning to uplift your business processes upgrading...
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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice – What it is and what makes it good for your Organization?

A couple of days back, Microsoft rolled out it's a new application or the app of the week, Dynamics 365...
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