When it comes to ERP, you do not need to look further than SAP. And when it comes to SAP, you do not need to look further than Stridely Solutions. SAP is a global giant which has constantly evolved over the course of the digital age, offering the most sophisticated enterprise platform with a multitude of capabilities. SAP enables continuous transformation of entire organizations, when used to its full potential.

Most times, SAP implementations, maintenancedevops and integrations become massive bottlenecks for companies and organizations. And that is where SAP advisory services from Stridely Solutions come in. Our experienced and dedicated team of functional consultants for SAP provide enterprise-grade SAP services and solutions to surpass your business needs, setting you on a continuous path to business success.

Get your SAP implementation up to speed

SAP Digital Business Services

From data warehouse to next-gen ERP software, from customer experience to intelligent enterprise, whether on-premises or the cloud, whatever the SAP offering, we have got you covered.


Suitable for large enterprises and companies, S/4 HANA provides intelligent capabilities to capture information, eradicating the usual challenges that come with ERP apps. We help large corporations with latency issues, complicated environments and legacy processes for seamless functions and operations.


The next-gen data warehouse from SAP empowers you with real-time insights unlike ever before. The information could be from SAP applications, third party systems, unstructured or geodata. We enable companies to create centralized repositories as needed to use the data as required and streamline business processes as well as boost innovation.


Boost business development and create a holistic customer journey to provide unmatched customer experiences. We help companies to gain significant ROI from their marketing activities using sought-after SAP solutions that include SAP Customer Data Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud.

SAP Business One

Ideal for small businesses, SAP Business One is designed to scale as your business grows. We help SMEs with streamlined processes, business intelligence, rapid deployment and real-time insights for quicker decisions and higher profits. With SAP Add on Development, we match business-specific processes and unique requirements.

SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo is a combined suite of intelligent SAP technologies and services with enterprise-grade industrial solutions process and resource optimization. We empower organizations with instant data analysis capabilities to create relevant opportunities and solve unique business challenges for every business scenario.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Get superior analytics capabilities that your business needs. SAP Analytics Cloud brings next-gen business intelligence along with predictive analytics based on powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence models. We provide integrated BI-as-a-service with role-based data visualization to boost collaboration and decision-making.

Why Stridely for SAP services?

Business understanding

Our extensive domain experience in manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure, utilities, chemical industries provides an added advantage to our customers.

SAP Center of Excellence

Our pool of experienced and certified SAP experts, with equal mix of functional and technical consultants are available to provide proven solutions to any bottlenecks in your processes.

Tools and templates

Our tools and templates driven approach ensures almost a hic-up free and timely project delivery. Our re-usable templates also help in reducing the project timelines.

Reduced costs and higher ROI

Our mix of on-site / offshore models along with our flexible engagement models provides the best cost / risk balance.

Broad base of skills

We attract, indulge and engage the best of the human resources for a broad base of skills to ensure best talents to our customers.

Quality Assurance

Our tools and template driven approach ensures high quality standards and does not allow any deviation from the standards established for the project.